In recent years, we have made a considerable effort to begin making our museum more wheelchair friendly.

Please inform our staff (namely the tram driver and/or conductor) when you wish to take a tram ride and they will ensure a wheelchair accessible tram is taken for that trip. If you are planning to get off or on at the playground and wish for a tram to pick you up, please let the crews know by either phoning in advance when you will be there or advise them when you disembark.

We gladly accept and welcome disabled visitors to the Museum but please be advised that as many of the trams are up to and over 100 years old, access may be restricted because of their design. All public display areas of the Museum are wheelchair accessible.

As of 2018, both ends of the tram line have concrete Ramp Platforms to board disabled patrons on-board several of our operational trams. We have 4 trams that are able to accommodate wheelchair passenger, some have been modified for the purpose, whilst others have wide enough gangways to provide a location without modification. These 4 trams are Nos. 264, 282, 294 and 1013. We can not guarantee how many trams out in one day will be accessible, nor what specific trams. However we do have a policy in place that requires one wheelchair accessible tram out every operating day.

If you have suggestions for how we could better improve our facilities to cater for the disabled, please do not hesitate to contact us.