Facilities at the Museum

Entrance building and display gallery.

Books, souvenirs, ice cream, cool drinks available.

Car park and coach space.


All display areas accessible

What to bring

Children should wear a hat and strong footwear as they will be walking in the open on some unpaved areas.

Disabled access

The Tramway Museum, St Kilda gladly accepts disabled visitors to the Museum but please be advised that as many of the trams are up to and over 100 years old, access may be restricted because of their design. Our tram drivers and conductors will be able to assist upon request.

All public display areas of the Museum are wheel chair accessable.

Safety points when travelling by tram

  • The Museum's vehicles are irreplaceable historic items. Please treat them with respect.
  • Please refrain from smoking, eating or drinking whilst travelling.
  • Do not operate the bell cords or the emergency braking equipment as these are safety items for the use of the Museum staff.
  • Do not lean out of windows and doors.
  • Remain seated at all times while the tram is in motion.