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Saving Steam No.1

Price: 9.00 AUD

Rebirth of a Railway No.2

Price: 9.00 AUD

The Big Red Bus No.7

Price: 9.00 AUD

Steaming Through The Pass No.8

Price: 9.00 AUD

Steaming Through The Pass No.12

Price: 9.00 AUD

Jumbos The Early Days No.14

Price: 9.00 AUD

South Australian Heritage Journal No.1

Price: 14.00 AUD

South Australian Heritage Journal No.2

Price: 14.00 AUD

Australian Half Cab Buses

Price: 9.50 AUD

Buses At Home

Price: 7.50 AUD

Trolleys East

Price: 9.00 AUD
Trolleys East is a published photographic collection showing the former Trolley Bus system that used to operate in Adelaide, running from the Adelaide to the Eastern suburbs of Erindale, Burnside, Beaumont and Linden Park. Published by Railmac Publications.

Trolleys West

Price: 9.00 AUD
Trolleys West is a newly published photographic collection showing the former Trolley Bus system that used to operate in the western and north western part of Adelaide, running from the City to Port Adelaide, Largs and Semaphore. Published by Railmac Publications.

Australian Trams Through the Ages

Price: 59.90 AUD
'Australian Trams Through the Ages' by Maurice Kelly and produced by Topmill Publications. This new publication chronicles the history of the various tramway systems through out Australia (not only in the capital cities but also the provincial systems) and is lavishly illustrated as well as informative. Numerous tram system maps have also been included ranging from the Kalgoorlie system in 1904 right up to the new Gold Coast light rail line which opened in June 2014. This is a limited edition publication (only 1000 copies have been printed) has 320 pages and retails for $59.90.

City & Glenelg

Price: 75.00 AUD
A history of the Adelaide to Glenelg tram line as run by the Municipal Tramways Trust (1929 - 1975)

Adelaide Trams Today

Price: 15.00 AUD
A book about the early 1878 Adelaide suburban Tramway. The first horse drawn tramway from Adelaide to Kensington. Followed by lines radiating to North Adelaide, Magill, Burnside & Walkerville. Other companies were formed 7 by year 1906 no less than 163 horse trams operated over 51 route miles.

Tramways of Adelaide (Critic Newspaper reproductio

Price: 5.00 AUD
A reproduction of a 1909 booklet produced by 'The Critic' newspaper to celebrate the opening of the new Adelaide electric tram system. This publication gives a brief history of the City of Adelaide up that point, the previous horse tram system and the conversion of the network to electric traction.

Tramcars, Trolleybuses around Port Adelaide

Price: 6.00 AUD
A book about the closure of the Port Adelaide electric system which to cover 6.72 mile tramway which was isolated from the main Adelaide system.

Parade To Kensington

Price: 6.00 AUD
Kensington & Norwood had special claim to distinction in connection with the beginning of the Adelaide Electric Tramway system. Within the first horse tram started for the city & again in 1909 the electric tram ran from Hackney to Kensington, hence to Grenfell St. & eventually back to Hackney.

Over the Viaduct To Henley Beach

Price: 6.00 AUD
Adelaide Cities comprehensive Horse Tramway System commencing in June 1878. Single & double decked horsetrams. As population increased & there became more desire to establish tramway systems to provide transport for the spreading Settlements.

Northern Lines

Price: 6.00 AUD
This book talks about the Divide between the South Adelaide where the businesses & commercial dealings were carried out & the North where the well to do citizens, business people lived and how the Tramway connected them.

Southern Lines

Price: 6.00 AUD
These suburbs needed transport. The story of the development of their passenger transport is told in The Southern lines. Covering the stretch from Glen Osmond to Keswick, but excluding those served by the Glenelg tramway.

Destination Waterfront City

Price: 59.90 AUD
'Destination Waterfront City - A Guide to Melbourne's Trams' gives authoritative information on each class of tram presently in use in Melbourne, from the distinctive W class right through to the latest E class trams. Infrastructure developments are covered as well as heritage and preservation activities.

Last Tram At 11

Price: 60.00 AUD
A book about the companies that provided passenger transport services with horse car lines in Ballarat from 1889 & battery electric as well as steam trams in Bendigo through 1890 to 1903. This book has 200 pages & many illustrations. The fleet summaries provide individual entries for every electric tramcar that ran in the three cities.

Mind The Curve

Price: 25.00 AUD
A book covering the Melbourne Cable Trams which operated in the 1885 until their final demise in 1940.

Hobart Tram Trilogy

Price: 50.00 AUD
Hobart's Tram Trilogy is the result of original research in that the full story of the initial London based tramway company has ever been told before.

Launceston Municipal Transport 1911 - 1955

Price: 45.00 AUD
This books notable features of the tram operation, trolley bus operation, motor bus operation & features of the entire system.

The First Electric Railroad

Price: 14.90 AUD
This book tell about how the Australian city of Melbourne enjoyed the reputation of being one of the foremost tram cities. Having one of the largest cable tram network ever constructed. In recent times it developed probably the largest electric tramway system in the English speaking world.

Tram Images

Price: 39.90 AUD
This book is the first volume of tram images and information about Australia and New Zealand.

More Tram Images (plus bonus DVD)

Price: 59.00 AUD
Tram images taken by enthusiast High Ballment in both Australia and New Zealand. A bonus DVD of both black and white and colour footage has been included.

Proceed to Hawker

Price: 30.00 AUD
An operational and social history of the last years of the Quorn to Hawker section of the Great Northern Railway, in particular focusing on the final years from 1957 to 1970.

Proceed to Wilmington

Price: 40.00 AUD
A history of the Gladstone to Wilmington line, in particular the years 1959 to 1988.

Railways of the Yarra Valley

Price: 25.00 AUD
A history of the Yarra Valley near Melbourne and the railways that served it.

Main Trunk

Price: 32.00 AUD
One hundred years since it was opened, the North Island Main Trunk remains a symbol of what railways have stood for in New Zealand.

On The Buses

Price: 40.00 AUD
Tells the story whole story from the rise of the mass motor transport & the days of pirate buses & cut throat competition.

N.Z. Trolleybus Selection

Price: 7.50 AUD
About the Trolley buses that survived in New Zealand in the late 1950s & early 60s.

Hold on Tight Please

Price: 40.00 AUD
A book about the little cable cars that ran up & down Dunedin's steep hills in the first half of the 20th centry, which have since been replaced by buses & cars. But these mechanical marvels have not been forgotten by those who road them.

A Century of Central

Price: 30.00 AUD
The history of Sydney's Central Railway Station at it's centenary. This was an important building in the state wide operations of the NSW Railways. This publication has photos and floor plans for the Railway Station and how these changed over time.

Please Step Inside

Price: 39.95 AUD
A Nostalgic look at Australian tramways in the 1950s. A book with 200 colour pictures, maps and illustrations. This soft cover book is a cisual time capsule of days gone by.

Leyland Nationals in Australia

Price: 15.00 AUD
This book is the second book in the series which looks at the Leyland Nationals that served Australia.

Jumbos Workhorses to the End No.15

Price: 9.50 AUD

Rails around Peterborough No.16

Price: 9.50 AUD